How to Pair:

1. Touch the earbuds for about 3 seconds until the light flashes for
3 seconds, and both earphones automatically link. (Tone: Power-
on - Pairing)
2. After a few seconds, the right earphone will automatically
initiate pairing with the mobile phone. Turn On mobile bluetooth
function, link to the bluetooth device named "B-flame".
3. The headset will automatically connect to the
phone when you use them next time.
Total Phone-free Touch Control:
Press and hold left earbud for 2 sec to skip music track forward, 2 sec on right earbud to skip backward
Adjust volume by double tap on Right/Left earbud.
Triple tap on the right earbud to wake up voice assistant
Stay Connected - One click to take incoming calls on both earbuds. Omnidirectional condenser microphone allows to make phone calls clearly even earbuds are such small and invisible.



Put earbuds into charging case, press the charge button, close the case, then the indicator on earbuds will become red, while indicator of charging case flashes blue light. When they get fully charged, the indicator will turn off.
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