Portable UVC sterilizer

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There is a 30 sec countdown after starting the device, people and pets shall leave the working area, the UVC lamp automatically turns off after 30 min.


Product Features:

  1. Portable UVC Disinfection lamp used for small room – bedroom/ toilet/ shoe cabinet/ in car/ inside fridge & microwave oven & washing machine & dishwasher etc. ;
  2. UVC germicidal lamp reaches all difficult-to-clean corners and kills 99.9% viruses and germs;
  3. Generates ozone to double guarantee disinfection effect;


How to use:

1 Press main button for 3 seconds to start(blue indicator on);

2 Lamp starts to sterilize after 30 seconds countdown, you shall leave the room before countdown ends, to avoid direct exposure to UVC light;

3 Standard working time is 30minutes, when it finishes, the lamp turns off automatically.



Size: 141 * 62 * 52mm

Germicidal lamp: 2.5W

Battery: 700 mAh

UV light wavelength: 253.7nm

Input: DC5V

Applicable area: 2-3 m²

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